This June, content creators from all over the country are going to converge in Skiatook, Oklahoma with their tools and supplies for two full days of creating and building. If you share your craft through video, consider yourself invited to participate.

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We have obtained the use of a property located in Skiatook, Oklahoma; located directly behind the City of Skiatook Sports Park.  This location was chosen with hopes of allowing many people to attend, as Skiatook is centrally located in the United States. The event will be open to the public Friday, June 23rd from 11am – 7pm and Saturday, June 24th from 9am – 7pm.

This event is unique because we have approval for all video creators to bring their tools and set up an outdoor building space.  While doing so, the public can walk a gravel path to observe and mingle with each participant.  The city has installed a number of electric panels that should be sufficient to power our tools.  Each creator is able to sell the projects they bring or build during the event, as well as any channel merchandise you have.

Campfires and Community

This event is open to all channels with at least one subscriber and one video. It is a community event meant for all who love sharing their craft with others through video.

We are encouraging all creators to camp on the grounds each night and join in on what should be awesome times around a campfire setting with a number of great content creators.  You will be able to hang out with people that you already know and meet other creators for the first time.  If camping isn’t your thing, we also have a list of hotels that are nearby, as the property is approximately 1.5 miles from downtown Skiatook.

Live Builds

We will be organizing timeframes to focus on any builders that choose to participate in getting the crowd to gather around their builder space to teach techniques or just display some of their awesome talents.  The event will also be a great time to collaborate with other creators to partially create a project and pass it along to another creator to finish the build.  Maybe even pass through the hands of several participants before completion.

Cost and Signup

If you would like to participate and showcase your channel, please fill out a registration form.  This event is open to any channel, big or small, with at least one video that shows what they create.  To support the event and the costs associated with it, we will be asking for $150 per participant to contribute to the success of this event. Payment is required before your channel will be posted to the website.

Spread the Word

The success of this event depends on the community.  Being the nature of what we do is online, we encourage everyone to share the event on their channels and social media.  Whether you can attend in person or not, you can help spread the word.  Please refer everyone to the event homepage.  The more people we can get involved and the more that know about it the better; the main objective is to have a great time and build the creator community.